I'm Annabelle...

Beautiful You Life Coach.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Health + Happiness Advocate.

Radical Self-Love Enthusiast.

Wholefood Lover.

Expert Dreamer.

Your Biggest Cheerleader.

Buckle in... 

I’ve forever been a dreamer, I’ve always wondered why we aren’t all doing what we want, and living life our way.

You see, I see people as pure potential. And I believe - we can all create a life that's perfect for us. That the desires we feel in our hearts are there for a reason. They are there to be fulfilled.


I’ve always felt this way… but there were a lot of things holding me back from viewing it as possible for me. Though, I always knew I was meant for “more”. I just didn’t know what, or how, or why.


So, I went soul searching. Something continued to pull me to “more”, my inner voice led me to discover what I had forgotten.


That I am worthy.

That I am enough.

That I am loved.

That I get to choose.


That, quite simply - nothing I did, didn’t do, do now, or will do, makes any of the above true. It’s true no matter what. It is true at my core.


And it is true for you too.


INSERT SELF LOVE: I went a journey to understand my mind, my purpose, my heart. I learned to love myself. I did that like my life depended on it… because, and I don't say this lightly,  it did.


And now, my life and my future excites me. It inspires me and I love watching it all unfold.

Was it an easy road? No. I thought I was alone, I thought I was too "different", I never felt I really fit. And I don't want that for others, I don't want that for you. I want you to know the support, community, friendship, and inspiration you need is right at your finger tips. You just have to choose you.

Annabelle Revie is a Certified Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, self-love teacher, workshop facilitator, woo-woo girl and your personal cheerleader.

The once upon a time insecure, people pleasing, self-loathing and self-sabotaging party girl, Annabelle has swapped the bars and negative stories in her head for self-love, self-acceptance and a life full of purpose.

Through self-development, self-love and nourishing her body, mind and soul, Annabelle broke down the barriers and said ‘c-ya’ to the stories holding her back from being her truest and most beautiful self. She decided she was not her mistakes. She decided she was worth it.

Now her mission is to let women know that a life of vibrant health + happiness, abundant wealth + love, and soul success is all completely possible and they absolutely deserve it.

Annabelle values freedom, women supporting women, kindness, coconut coffee’s, beach picnics (anything beach related, really), early bedtimes, woo-woo soul chats, nourishing food & seeing YOU live your most favourite life.

She will champion you to shine, thrive and believe in yourself like never before.

She wants to put the power back into your hands. You, the kind, heart led woman who is completely ready to unleash your potential and make an impact. It’s time to believe in yourself like never before.


Why I created Project You 


While meeting the thousands of people I have met - having soul conversations with new besties, strangers and old friends, there was often a common theme…

They weren’t doing what they really wanted to be doing with their life.

And I wanted to know why! Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we take one step forward and three backwards, why do we settle for whats “status quo” or “practical” or "good enough"?

What is it we aren’t believing we can have, and why not?

So I dove into studies in Life Coaching and Integrative Nutrition. I broke myself down so I could see where to start. (HINT: we always teach what we need to know).

And I figured it out.

We can have what we want. We can fulfill our desire. We do get to choose.

We just don’t think that is the truth.

We don’t always get what we want, that is for sure. BUT we always get what we expect.

So what do you expect, what is your standard, what is your normal? FIGURE IT OUT and that is exactly where we start.

I believe a life of freedom, fulfillment, vibrancy, incredible health, waking up feeling sooooo bloody fine and excited should be the #newnormal.

I got from loathing my life and who I was, to moving towards fulfilling what I expected for myself and what I want in my life, because…

I got support.

I looked to the healthiest, happiest, wealthiest people I knew, and I followed what they did.

I looked after my body, cleaned up my nutrition, removed toxic people and behaviours and broke the patterns. I went to webinars, seminars, retreats, sisterhood circles, and I built a belief in myself that was (mostly) bulletproof. I knew what I wanted in my life, and the only person who was stopping me, was me.

So lovely, it is time to get out of your own way, to tune in to the YOU that really knows what you want and watch your life unfold, created by you, exactly as you wish.

It is my mission to see you believe in you. To believe in your dreams and your ability to fulfill them.

I want you to wake up SO in love with your life, confidently expressing yourself as your truest YOU.

And you get to choose. So do you?

That's a snippet of me. I can’t wait to connect, I can’t wait to chat, I can’t wait to remind you of who you really are (infinite).

xx Annabelle